Two courses on offer in 2020

Working With Couples and Level 1 in the DM

Get the foundations right and everything you build on it will go so much easier. This October Nic is again running his “Working with Couples” course. This two-day training is a unique introduction to the practicalities of working with couples who have issues in their relationship. Even if you have had previous training in a model of couple therapy (Gottman, EFT, Imago, or even the Developmental Model) you will benefit from this distillation of over 60 years of practice (the course was developed in conjunction with Nic’s partner Verity Thom). More information here

The Bader-Pearson Developmental Model of couple therapy offers a powerful mix of Attachment, Developmental and Neuroscience approaches to working with relationships. Level 1 is the entry point and introduces you to the theoretical basis and key tools of the Model and is on offer in mid-November. Facilitated by both Paula and Nic in this two-day workshop you benefit not just from learning a powerful model but also from the knowledge of two master clinicians. Whether you see couples or individuals your work with relationships will be enhanced and your confidence will grow through doing this training

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our FB page for weekly input on anything and everything to do with relationship therapy.

Many of you will know one or both of us from our work over the last 20+ years with couples, relationships and sexuality.

RTI is a new venture born out of our enthusiasm to bring this comprehensive model of relationship therapy to NZ & Australia. We are excited by what we have learned and are keen to share the insights the Developmental model has given us.  We think it offers an exciting new way to understand and work with relationship issues.

Nic Beets & Paula Dennan