Supervision & Consultation

If you are keen to develop your skills in relationship and couple therapy, there is nothing more powerful than having personalised input from an expert.  Nic and Paula are available for consultation and supervision.


Consultation is available on a casual, case by case basis OR as a regular on-going commitment as part of the Level 3 Advanced Training Consultation Group. Consultation is normally focused on a specific aspect of practice (like relationship therapy) as it doesn’t involve supervision of or clinical responsibility for your whole practice.

If you have a particularly tricky situation that you would like specialist input on then you can book one or two consultation sessions to get some expert input.  If you are wanting to refine your understanding of working with relationship issues in general then regular consultation can amount to an individualised training programme. Either way having a consultant can boost your expertise and confidence in working with relationships.


Supervision implies clinical oversight of your whole practice, including meeting the requirements of professional bodies.

If your practice involves a lot of relationship therapy already or you are wanting to focus more on that area, Paula or Nic would be delighted to work with you to enhance your practice.