About Us

Helping people have better relationships is a real passion for each of us.

Between us we have many years of experience in working with every type of relationship issue imaginable. Now we want to help other therapists get better at doing this work.  We are immensely proud that our work is endorsed by the founders of the Developmental Model.   We have a joint vision to bring this model of relationship therapy to NZ and Australia and to build a community of like-minded therapists who are interested and enthused about working with relationship issues.

We’re excited about this particular model because we see it as drawing together so many different threads and offering a combination of practical wisdom and clinical expertise that is beyond anything we have found elsewhere.

Paula Dennan is a Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years of experience. She began her career working in child, adolescent and family services working with the intricacies of family relationships. She continued her focus on relationships and has worked with individuals, couples, family, workplace relationships and sporting environments. She currently works full time in private practice at Auckland Psychology and is a Director of Sex Therapy NZ (STNZ 2010 Ltd), a company that promotes healthy sexual intimacy. Paula has trained in a variety of relationship and sex therapy models. She respects the importance of individual uniqueness and tailoring interventions accordingly.

Nic Beets is also a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years experience. He has always worked as a systemic therapist, initially with families but for the last 12 years he has specialized solely in working with relationship issues as a Director of CoupleWork, an Auckland based private practice he runs with his partner of 35 years, Verity Thom, who is also a psychologist.  In 2001 he founded and continues to run the Sex Therapy Interest Group, a peer support network for professionals working with sexual issues. In recent years he has offered training and supervision in relationship therapy throughout NZ.