12/10/2023 - 09/11/2023    
2:30 pm - 6:00 pm


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This online training will run over four Thursday afternoons 2.30 – 6.00 pm October 12th & 19th and November 2nd & 9th.  Each afternoon will consist of two 90-minute modules with a half-hour break between, for a total of 12 hours training over the four sessions. It offers the same content as our two-day workshop in an online format to make it more accessible to those outside of Auckland.
Here’s what one recent attendee had to say about the training: “This has to be the most raw, challenging, open training I have ever attended. This training delves into therapy in a way that makes you want more. The training talks about all the taboo subjects as therapists we have no idea how to ask or explore. This gives you strategies to explore these subjects with your clients in a safe and secure manner. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who works with or is wanting to work with couples, in fact I would recommend it to anyone doing therapy!” – Julie (Registered Social Worker) 
Working with couples requires specialist skills.  Even experienced therapists can feel at sea when trying to meet the needs of two clients simultaneously, let alone when they are in conflict!  The training will help you apply your existing clinical skills in a couple therapy context.
It is also of value to therapists who work with individuals who wish to improve their skills in working with relationship issues and understanding of relationship dynamics.
It does not teach a specific model of therapy (although it does introduce you to the Stages of the Developmental Model) but looks at common issues that arise when a couple bring relationship difficulties to your practice.
In this training you will learn how to:

  • stay in charge of process and structure; keeping you and your clients safe
  • why intimate relationships get harder to do over time and what to do about it
  • how clients protect themselves out of a relationship and what they can do instead
  • how to begin therapy with impact to maximise your credibility and your client’s hope
  • avoid common traps regarding confidentiality and getting off-side with one partner
  • how to prevent and de-escalate unproductive conflict
  • the use of a systemic, non-blaming conceptualization in practice with couples
  • how to empathically confront, especially where clients lack self-awareness
  • how to address sexual issues as a normal part of adult intimate relationship
  • keys to working across cultures and power differences
  • & much more!

This workshop is intended for all practitioners regardless of how much or little training they have had in working with couples.   Maybe you have had some training in a couple’s therapy model, but are lacking confidence in actually working with them.  Perhaps you are considering moving into couples’ work and want a sound grounding. Perhaps you are quite experienced in working with couples but are always looking for a fresh perspective or just want to improve your practice. Wherever you are coming from, this workshop will be of value to your practice.

This is a stand-alone training, requiring no previous couple therapy experience or training.
Completion of this training (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for enrolling in the “Core Skills & Theory of the Developmental Model” training.

Here’s the experience of a counsellor who attended the last training: “It’s difficult to say something succinct about Nic’s Working with Couples training – I am still re-reading my notes and picking up more gems three weeks later. Nic combines his thorough knowledge of theory with down-to-earth, real-life pragmatism. Despite having read widely in approaches to couple therapy it was Nic’s training that gave me actual guidance about what to do when at the coal-face. Having a warring couple in front of you can feel like being in a dark, cramped, hazardous condition….and Nic teaches processes which transform the trenches into a space for hope, engagement, vulnerability, comprehension, and exploration. I walked out of Nic’s 2 day course intrigued by the possibilities of using conflict as an opportunity for coaching, understanding the distinction between closeness and intimacy, and with a new focus for helping clients deal with their differences.” Emma N, Counsellor,

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